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WildStyle's Philosophy

   WildStyle Designs, since 2005, has been dedicated to producing the highest standard of promotional design material to suit all of your advertising needs.
Our designers provide a wide range of services from groundbreaking and innovative web and print promotional material to meticulous and intricate photo manipulations and restorations.

   Based in the Greater Toronto Area, WildStyle Designs serves the immediate area in a design and print capacity, but we also provide online design services to clients abroad for electronic ad campaigns and those whom have independent printing capabilities.

WildStyle Designs Graphic Team
WildStyle Designers

Employing industry leading designers, WildStyle Designs will make your vision a reality. With quick turn-around times and dedicated staff, we will make the design process a completely painless one. Our designers are flexible to work within, either “carte blanche” situations or full client-created input capacities, or a combination both.

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