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WildStyle's Services
WildStlye Graphic Team

Website Design:
WildStyle Designs creates eye-popping Wordpress designs that will stand out among the millions of pre-designed templates offered by hosting companies. Let us get you noticed on the net. WildStyle Designs can also provide affordable and reliable hosting services through our network of affiliates.

Promotional Design:
Our team of trained designers can mock up various design concepts for any print or web campaign in a very short time, all of which can be re-worked and tweeked endlessly to fit your specific needs. Web, print, broadcast or social media, WildStyle Designs has a promotion campaign for you.

WildStyle Web Design
WildStyle Photo Studio

Album Art:
WildStyle Designs’ team of staff photographers enable us to be able to create Album Art or Media Press Kits from start to finish in your specific style which will maximize your design’s continuity. With our experienced team we can create album art or an MPK to fit any genre of music or any type of film that requires cutting-edge imagery and eye-catching design

Broadcast Media Design:
With the relationships that WildStyle Designs has formed with some of the city’s top rated broadcasters and radio’s on-air talent, we also offer professionally produced broadcast commercials for internet and frequency radio. We’ll beat the price of the of the in-house production staff and have a professional spot produced by some of the same voice talent they would use.

WildStyle Broadcast Media
WildStlye Photo Restorations

Photo Restoration/Manipulation:
Our photo restoration/manipualtion
are, unlike our competitors, are priced per job as opposed to per hour, which ensures quality and attention to detail. Let WildStyle Designs breathe life into your cherished photographs form years past. We provide a print and a digital version of the material with every design.

Print Promotion Services:

WildStyle Printing Services
WildStyle Print Productions

WildStyle Designs print promotion department can create any type of print media to get your business noticed above all other competitors in your industry.
WildStyle Designs retains some of the cities highest quality off-set, digital and vinyl print houses which ensures quality printing service at reasonable prices.

Large Format Design & Print Services:
Even if your job seems larger than life, WildStyle Designs can accommodate your ideas. Our designers have years of experience in the design and production of large format designs for all occasions, whether it be signage for trade shows all the way upto highway-side billboards and larger.

WildStyle Vehicle Graphics
WildStyle Large Format Design and Print

Vehicle Graphics and Decals:
Let WildStyle Designs produce eye-catching, durable 3M vinyl decals for your company fleet or just to add a personal flair to your car. Vinyl decals are guaranteed to get your business noticed, and with WildStyle’s design expertise, we can custom create a mobile ad for your vehicle and apply them professionally with no worry at no extra cost!
 Also ask about FULL VEHICLE WRAPS!

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